“FuturePRO” is the ultimate protection for your IT environment, in simple terms it is a PROACTIVE monitoring service offered by Future Technologies.

Your computers are consistently monitored for any irregular hardware triggers that may indicate a failure is imminent (EG. A spike in CPU temperature or the slowing of a Hard Disk’s response) these changes will then alert staff and measures can be taken to correct the problem before your business suffers any down time. 

As an additional service while your computer is being monitored the communications agent will run selected weekly or monthly maintenance tasks, such as removing any temporary files, installing windows Updates and many other normally neglected tasks, all done silently while you work.

Flexible pricing and payment options are available, and the system is fully maintained and monitored by myself, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call and discuss further.

Pioneer Cutting Edge
Pioneer Features PLUSCutting Edge Features PLUS
Automatic System Restore Point Creation Office 365 Applications and Accounts IncludedFull Network Infrastructure Supplied
Automatic Temporary File RemovalOn-Site and Off-Site Backup SolutionsReplacement Workstations every 18 Months
 Automatic General System Process CleanupBitdefender Internet Security ProtectionBusiness Disaster And Instant Recovery Options
Automatic Hard Monitoring for Errors10 Hours Free Remote Support per YearUnlimited Remote Support
Automatic Scheduled Windows Updates5 Hours Free On-Site Support Per Year
Automatic Scheduled 3rd Party Application Updates
Remote Support Client
Discounted Labor Charges
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