Computer & IT Services

FuturePRO managed IT services is the ultimate protection for your work environment.

We use PROACTIVE monitoring tools to watch your computers for any irregular actions (EG. A spike in CPU temperature or the slowing of a Hard Disk’s response) and correct the problem before your business suffers any down time.

Additionally we will run a series of weekly and monthly maintenance tasks, such as removing any temporary files, installing windows Updates and many other normally neglected tasks. We will also ensure you are protected from virus and ransomware attacks. All done silently while you work.

Specializing in Guest Wi-Fi our range of tools and standard setups allow us to monitor your client network and ensure they are able to connect to the internet, whilst keeping your business network and resources separate, most times we know of problems before the guest complains and have a solution ready to go.

Domain Services such as Web Site Hosting, Email Services and Registration along with cloud based document storage solutions are also a large part of what we can help with.

We can also assist with Onsite and Offsite backup Plans, Bitdefender Internet Security and Mobile Device Protection.