Security & CCTV

Intrusion Detection (Alarm) Systems

A Western Australian company specializing in all aspects of home and business security, Future Technologies are the leading providers of security alarm systems in Great Southern.

If you’re looking for a technologically advanced alarm system for your home or business, then the extensive range of high-tech alarm systems we design, supply, and install is sure to meet the security needs of your family or business organization.

Since no two properties are completely alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all security system that can be implemented to provide a safe and secure security solution for a home, work, or government property. That’s why every alarm system is individually and thoughtfully designed to make sure the key areas are being protected, and each sites vulnerabilities are accounted for.

We provide all our alarms with Proximity tags and readers allowing the system to be easily armed/disarmed without the need for a code.

We can configure our alarms to call your preferred security patrol company, mobile phone or with 24/7 back to base security monitoring your premises will have an extra level of protection even when you aren’t there.

We can provide monitoring for new systems or can easily adapt your existing system for those wanting support from our local team.

Camera Surveillance Systems

CCTV Systems are becoming more popular and as the technology improves and pricing has become an affordable option. The ability to see who is around your home or business while you’re safely inside is a huge plus.

With our range of IP Camera’s and NVR (recorder) we are able to provide Number Plate recognition, advanced footage searches (Missing Object), Face Recognition and remote Viewing/Playback to your phone/tablet or home PC.

Footage can easily be downloaded to a USB Drive for later use or to assist police investigations or we can do this for you, many times without attending site even.